Introduction and basic principles

On the use of astrology in the Vietnamese tradition

Astrology has accumulated over centuries of observations, an immense amount of knowledge that do not all have the same degree of reliability and credibility. So, I propose an optimized approach as follows :
* Let’s start with all that :
   + Unites.
   + Is the subject of a convergence or a total agreement not only among astrologers but also between them and scientists of all disciplines, including astronomy, physic, chrono- biology, .. etc … ;
* Then, from the beginning, let’s use all these convergences in association with some basic principles clear and precise in order to exploit the remaining divergent knowledges.
* The influence of the distance that separates us from the two closest stars to our daily (sun and moon), on our life on earth, our behavior and our moods are known and accepted by all. It exist also good times or not for certain activities.
* Given their track which astronomical science has revealed even with procedures for accurate calculations. She also highlighted their strictly cyclical characters with periods of 24 hours until the year (for four seasons), or even several years. Everything suggests that it would be the same for the more distant stars.

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